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31 July 2015

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  • W20 The Poison Tree
    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingRating: 4As the product blurb states, this is part of the W20 Kickstarter and it is great to see new products still arriving so long after the initial rulebook release. I read a lot of gaming fiction, and White Wolf has novels that sit across the quality spectrum. This novel is certainly […]
  • Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook
    Publisher: Green RoninRating: 5Fantasy AGE is technically a generic fantasy RPG that will let you play the heroic characters in the well-known adventure fantasy style of play made popular by D and D. If you're familiar with the 3.X era of rules of D and D, some of the concepts and ideas used in Fantasy […]
  • [ICONS] Worlds Most Wanted #8 - The Locust
    Publisher: Fainting Goat GamesRating: 4Just a couple of days ago, my younger son was thinking out loud about possible capers for insect-themed heroes. Now here comes the Locust to give him a great example of how the villain’s motivation can be somewhat independent of the villain’s theme/totem. Mechanically, the Locus is a little boring, but […]
  • Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls
    Publisher: Flying BuffaloRating: 5Originally published at: What a long strange road trip it has been for the newest incarnation of the longest running fantasy RPG (under the same system) out there. Back on January 3rd, 2013 Flying Buffalo decided to do a deluxe version of the fantasy RPG, Tunnels and Trolls. I, along with […]
  • Worlds of Pulp: Vampire Construction Tables
    Publisher: Scaldcrow GamesRating: 4Originally posted at: I was one of 49 backers for Scaldcrow Games’ newest RPG, Ron Fortier’s Cape Noire, and since that won’t be out for another nine months or so, I thought I’d pick up their latest offering just to see the potential quality of what I’m getting. Vampire Construction Titles […]
  • Shadowrun: Shaken (No Job Too Small)
    Publisher: Catalyst Game LabsRating: 5Originally reviewed at: I try to never mention an author by name when I review something, just in case a piece is negative or critical, lest the creator think it’s a personal or mean-spirited attack on them – especially if I end up pooh-poohing several of their pieces in a row. […]
  • Through the Breach RPG - Penny Dreadful One Shot - Recruitment Drive
    Publisher: Wyrd MiniaturesRating: 4Originally published at: Although my primary skirmish choice is the Batman Miniature Game, I’ve picked up a few Malifaux pieces here and there just for the sculpts. I have three War Wabbits, a Pygapult and Nicodem, Avatar of Decay. However, with the announcement of the two player starter kit that will […]

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