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30 August 2015

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  • Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Skorne Empire
    Publisher: Privateer PressRating: 5This strange race of humanoids comes from the far east of Immorean, past the Storm Lands and deserts, and past the Abyss. They are an ancient race, with an equally age old enmity with the Elves. They are a warrior race, with a society that focuses on slavery, torment, pain and torture. […]
  • Call of Catthulhu Book III: WORLDS OF CATTHULHU
    Publisher: Catthulhu.comRating: 4Originally posted at: One of the most popular games in my household is Call of Catthulhu. Even my wife and her friends, who do not roleplay, love the game and find it creepy and adorable at the same time. I reviewed the basic version of the game nearly two years ago and […]
  • Shadowrun: Wolf and Buffalo
    Publisher: Catalyst Game LabsRating: 4Originally published at: Every runner has an origin story; we just rarely ever hear them. Established characters in the Sixth World canon are generally introduced to us after having been veterans of the shadows for many years. It’s rare a character is seen being exposed to the underbelly of the […]
  • Wyrd Chronicles - Ezine - Issue 19
    Publisher: Wyrd MiniaturesRating: 4Originally posted at: I’m extremely new to Malifaux. I’ve read through the Through the Breach RPG manuals and have even felt confident enough in the rules to review a Penny Dreadful adventure, but I’ve yet to play Malifaux. I have a few pieces, like the original Pigapult, three War Wabbits and […]
  • New Class Options
    Publisher: Genius Loci GamesRating: 4I love new classes, I love trying them out, taking them apart and seeing what makes them tick. I also like thinking of potential characters to use with the new classes. So grabbing this product was a no brainer for me. Plus, I will admit I am a fan of Kaitlynn […]
  • Southlands Bestiary
    Publisher: Kobold PressRating: 5Early explorers of distant and far-off lands often define them by the creatures to be found there, so here is a collection of diverse and fascinating beasts to populate the Southlands and terrorise incautious visitors. These creatures are at home, the party are the interlopers, having to deal with the rigors of […]
  • Cypher System Rulebook
    Publisher: Monte Cook GamesRating: 5Thanks to the generosity of Monte Cook Games, I was given an opportunity to take a peek at a pre-production copy of the CSR! Needless to say, I was pretty stoked about it, which explains this First Impressions review. What is it, and what is it for? The Cypher System is […]

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